A Little History of Kettle Creek Southern Congregational Methodist Church

Kettle Creek Church - 1970's

    The area known as Kettle Creek, three miles west of Waycross was sparsely settled as early as 1818.

    The creek was given its name by an incident that happened when a group of soldiers led by Captain David Miller pursued Indians who had massacred the Wildes family a few days earlier.  Camping on the banks of the dark stream, the soldiers found that the quartermaster had forgotten to pack a coffeepot. They found an old iron kettle embedded in the creek and used it to make coffee. It had been lost by the Drydens who had been moving in a two-wheel ox cart. As they were crossing the creek, the high water caused them to lose the kettle. So forever it will be known as Kettle Creek. No one knows what name the Indians gave the creek.

    The original Kettle Creek Primitive Baptist Church built of logs in the early 1820’s is long gone. In 1881 Kettle Creek, Booth, Pine Valley and Mt. Green withdrew from the Methodist Episcopal Church South to form a new denomination, the New Congregational Methodist Church. In 1982 Kettle Creek Church voted to join the Congregational Methodist Church. In 1985 a new denomination, Southern Congregational Methodist was formed.

    Besides the original log cabin, there have been three other structures. The second structure was constructed from boards-unpainted and unsealed. It had wooden shutters with no glass, although glass was added later and the shutters removed. They had to prop up the church with timbers because it leaned. This church was destroyed by a storm.

    It was replaced with the sanctuary that many are familiar with, a frame structure painted white with a sign that read, “Welcome to Kettle Creek Church.” In 1987 this structure was removed for safety reasons.

    February 6, 1982, ground was broken for the present sanctuary. This structure was dedicated to the service of the Lord, Sunday, July 1, 1984.
In 1991, a steeple was added and on Sunday, July 7, 1991 a dedication service was held.

    On October 6, 2002, the Kettle Creek Fellowship Hall located on the property at the end of the parking lot, was dedicated to the service of the Lord and for the fellowship of the congregation.

    We are blessed by the Lord with His presence and ask for your prayers for our continued service to the Lord and to the community.